Family Court Clinic - Parent Groups

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We're running a Parent Group…..

Caregiving Through Connections (CTC) offers a safe, non-judgmental group experience for women caregivers involved with child welfare to learn and explore early trauma & its past and present impacts on parenting and children’s development.

We invite you to join in a journey of discovery & growth where we provide:

This group may be a good fit for you if you:

Components of the Group:

  • An open, transparent and supportive space where you are heard, valued & respected
  • Tools to enhance your feelings of wellbeing and safety as a woman and mother
  • Are interested in enhancing your relationship with your child
  • Are the caregiver of at least one child under the age of 6
  • Are involved with child welfare
  • Have experienced childhood trauma/abuse and victimization within adult relationships
  • Are motivated to participate in a group with other women
  • Connections Intervention, 6-8 week group work focusing on identifying the link between early trauma, current attachments and child development followed by Circle of Security
  • Circle of Security, 6-8 week individual work centering around parent-child attachment, responsiveness and sensitivity.

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